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If writing in dim lighting is important to you, Notability not only offers a dark version of its UI, but also allows you to set the paper to black and the ink to white.

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You can use Drafts to search Google, create a new Reminder, save to third-party cloud services like OneDrive and Dropbox, compose a Tweet, or create a task in third-party apps like Things and OmniFocus. It supports rich text capture with the usual bullet point, checkbox, and text formatting options you need to author quick notes, to-dos, and lists. Once switched on, sync is extremely quick, with hundreds of notes syncing in a matter of seconds. Penultimate is an app for those same users. PDFs can also be used as custom paper types , meaning that you can import paper made specifically to act as a planner, task list, or writing paper which can be duplicated time and time again. Photo: macstories. Apple has packed their notes app with a variety of features that are designed to allow Apple users to take advantage of the various abilities of iOS. Simplenote is a bit different. You can rearrange the cards singly with the Pencil or your finger, or you can group them together and have the app itself align them more neatly. The new course also includes a slew of screencast tutorial videos to help you save time and frustration. These can be changed in length, direction, or size, which makes creating shapes easier. Notebook by Zoho is such an app. Double-tapping on any handwriting can automatically convert it to text, and a variety of tools are focused on correcting the hand-written text to be more easily parsed scribbling out letters erases them, lines between letters joins them or moves them further apart.

Apple Notes has a few other smart features for users who want more than basic note capture. The latest GoodNotes home screen shows each notebook listed either in a single column or a grid, with a bottom navigation bar featuring search and notebooks marked Favorite.

Each document can be quickly moved through by swiping to the right, and a thumbnail view is available for longer notebooks. Google also has some pretty neat syncing capabilities here, allowing you to sync your notes between devices and apps logged in with your Google account.

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The primary focus is on creating actionable notes, rather than storing anything and everything though you could use it for that too. Notes can be collaborative too. You can export all of your notes as a PDF and provides iCloud back-up. The Share Note button lets you collaborate on notes with other users, but you can't work on them concurrently. For those who need those specific features or simply prefer its interface, Notability is an excellent competitor to GoodNotes and offers many of the same features in an entirely different package. You can't embed images or audio files, add PDF attachments, or include checklists. Bear is just a really good note app. Tap the plus button while composing a note, and then select Scan Documents and point your camera accordingly. It's only a simple feature-set, but PDF Expert does it well. And that's okay. For those who are creating notes they want to share with others, OneNote is a tremendous app. Essential are the standard blank, dotted, squared, ruled narrow, and ruled wide paper types. Some even let you unleash your inner artist. With the ability to peer into the notes even more difficult than usual, being able to quickly search for a keyword can prove incredibly handy once the library of notes begins to grow. There's the ability to type notes, of course, as well as make lists, but you can also use it for sketching as well as adding images.

Finally, each note not tag can be color-coded with one of 12 background colors. Along with the usual array of graphs, images, and charts, Evernote also offers fantastic scanning options.

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And more… Plus, we also have included our entire, in-house library of custom productivity templates. You can use Markdown by tapping the Information icon and enabling the Markdown toggle, then swipe the page to the right to view a Markdown preview.

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Sync — Sync is also a desired feature, as losing all of your hand-written missives is an undesirable fate. The majority of my textbooks today are delivered in the form of a gigantic PDF, easily annotated within any app on the iPad and easily searched through with a swift keystroke.

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These actions are varied. One more thing? Normally, though, using index cards feels like slaughtering a forest just for the sheer thrill of it. OneNote may be a Microsoft production, but it's a full-featured digital notepad for the iPad Pro and other iOS devices. But all of these features come at a price. It's the perfect alternative to Apple Notes for users who don't solely reside within the Apple ecosystem. The app allows you to capture plain text notes that take up very little space on your device. It's also possible to deploy tags anywhere within a note by typing a hashtag, then tapping on the tag box that appears. Photo: thesweetsetup. You can share documents with friends, clients, and coworkers, too.

There are other ways to keep notes top of mind. Everyone who signs up for a free Dropbox Basic plan gets 2GB of storage for free.

top note writing apps for ipad
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