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Her father died shortly after her eighth birthday and her first documented attempt at suicide was in her early twenties.

The poem describes her feelings of oppression and her battle to come to grips with the issues of this power imbalance The repeated 'You do not do' of the first sentence suggests a speaker that is still battling a truth she only recently has been forced to accept.

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In stanzas two and three is where the speaker introduces the audience to the idea that she has killed her father. After the speaker had recovered she decided what she needed to do next was make a model of her father.

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Plath uses various images to describe how she viewed her father. Although Plath married Hughes in an endeavor to incredulous the emptiness left by her father, she was only hurt again. Plath was only eight years old when her father died, and she was absconded with a large poignant hollowness. The two share the perspective of a young child desiring a close relationship with their fathers, due to their lack of involvement. It is a lyric poem that contains eighteen lines and six stanzas. There are scraps of her own life here, but the poem is much bigger than that, and goes beyond the face-value interpretation that is it nothing but a self-indulgent literary vengeance spree. It was then that she began writing poetry as an outlet for her emotions. All of these add to the image the speaker is trying to create of her father.

It can be manifested in numerous ways, including sexual discrimination, denigration of women, violence against women, and sexual objectification of women However, the shoe is a trap, smothering the foot. To the unsuspecting reader, the experience of first reading "Daddy" is a confusion of discomfort, excitement and guilty pleasure, for the pleasures of revenge are said to be sweet, and this is a revenge poem of the first rank.

In the poem the speaker talks of revenge and killing her father and also killing her husband. Plath depicts herself as a victim by saying she is like a Jew, and her father is like a Nazi Using Nazi images and drawing physical parallels between her father and Hitler, Plath expresses the emotional void and resentment that she felt after her father died when she was eight years old.

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Plath had the ability to transform everyday happenings into poems or diary entries. If she really felt this extreme hate towards him, why would she want to kill herself in order to get back to her father.

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