Swot analysis of ice cream industry essay

The company values their close customer relationships. If not, further growth is possible in that segment. Having such a wide variety of healthier options is important in todays health conscious society.

Pestle analysis of ice cream industry

Demographics are the average behaviors or characteristics of the consumers of the product that may include income, religion, age, and education. Debt ratio and liquidity indicate that this financial crisis is temporary. Finally, the study group will give some recommendations to the investor on pre- and post-investment strategies. To target this group of people, the focus of the advertising strategy should be promoting its low and non-fact products. The environmental and climate changes will also form an advantage; due to increasing temperatures and a growing amount of summer days, the high season will last longer. A variety of factors define the company's current competitive position in the marketplace. Those options can be divided into home market and international operations. Making the product available to the customer at new locations is essential. The company is also able to adapt and customize the ice cream flavours to the wishes of the customer. If you make your own gelato on-site, this could be strength since no other gelato shop would carry the exact same product.

This would integrate the activities involved in developing a new product. Chart 4.

Swot analysis of ice cream industry in india

Along with this strategy, more emphasis should be put on commercial advertising. For example change in the taxing regime, government laws regulating the industry, and other factors which are likely to impact negatively on the industry. Weaknesses You may need to educate consumers about what gelato is made of, meaning that it may take a while to get people to try your product. The company will have to reshape its social activities to optimise the advertising impact. There are currently 29 flavors in Breyers classic all Natural original. Health awareness is rising in the population. How far the costs can be associated with labour or high administration costs is not apparent from the data provided but worth investigating.

In this situation there is like problems to encounter in the market as well as benefits. They also run an active promotion program and offer optional advertisement material. A variety of factors define the company's current competitive position in the marketplace.

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SWOT Analysis for Gelato Shops