Research proposal on human trafficking in south east asia essay

Informal migrant networks or social networks are often thought to confer greater protection from exploitation; however, this is not always the case [ 39 ].

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Predeparture Most migrants leave home in search of a better life for themselves and their family, sometimes inspired by income disparities between neighboring migrant and nonmigrant households. These shocking figures are only estimates, since accurate data are difficult to obtain, largely because human trafficking is underreported, underdetected, and thus underprosecuted.

Recent research indicated that Bolivian migrants were exploited by compatriots for textile work in Argentina, whereas the opposite was true among Kyrgyz construction workers who secured decent work in Kazakhstan through their own Kyrgyz networks [ 19 ].

Research proposal on human trafficking in south east asia essay

They also arise from nonmilitary dangers such as climate change, natural disasters, infectious diseases, and transnational crimes. The complexity of the challenge means it cannot be tackled by any one actor, such as the state, or by focusing only on one aspect of the issue, such as sexual exploitation or forced labor.

Many Southeast Asian victims migrate in search of paid jobs but wind up forced to labor in fishing, agriculture, construction, and domestic work, according to the International Organization for Migration IOM.

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United Nations General Assembly. A comprehensive, more human-centered approach compels us to delve deeper into the other drivers of human trafficking, including poverty, severe exploitation, and political repression. Additionally, returnee migrants who failed to gain the income they and their family expected commonly feel deep disappointment and sometimes stigma, which can lead to poor mental health outcomes and potential risk of retrafficking [ 56 , 57 ]. The core of the anti-trafficking regimes is protection of borders by controlling the flow of illegal migration. Discussion Slavery and its like have existed for millennia; so have social and economic inequalities. First, in terms of prevalence, when compared with other well-recognised global health problems such as the approximately 35 million people infected with HIV or the 1 million girls under age 15 who give birth every year [ 60 , 61 ], human trafficking seems to deserve similar attention, with current estimates at approximately Unscrupulous intermediaries are known to use extortion, deception, or coercion to exploit workers or to usher them towards abusive employers [ 37 ]. The discovery of mass graves of trafficking victims along the border between Malaysia and Thailand in is gruesome evidence of such collusion; a Thai general and police officers were among 62 people convicted of human trafficking and other crimes connected with the case, according to news reports. Geneva:

Global estimates of modern slavery: Forced labour and forced marriage. This brings us back to the proposition we posed initially: human trafficking should be considered a global health concern.

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Human Trafficking in Southeast Asia