Projects and thesis

Also, you have started to a certain extent to develop a scientific way of reasoning on how to solve problems. You will work in a small thesis ring, to learn from other students, which will come together multiple times.


And what about you out there? I wanted to have the option to do a PhD afterwards. In this way we do not solve an industrial problem, as this is the task of our graduates once they work in industry.

Be aware that although it might be interesting to work on an industrial problem or product, it is the underlying way of performing research that is most important.

Have a talk with the supervisors and afterwards make your choice. A thesis research project in Food Chemistry is related to a specific bio chemical food product or biomass conversion issue, which on its turn is related to an industrial application. For guidance about what your committee and concentration head expect, it is best to consult with them while you are drafting your proposal in MAIS - Proposal.

The purpose of a thesis project is to further develop this skill to analyse and solve a problem in a scientific way. An original deliverable with a practical application, such as a curriculum, an exhibit design, a technical manual, a business plan, or a computer model.

capstone project vs thesis

This can be due to the fact that other students have already chosen the subject and for optimal supervision we want to restrict the number of students per supervisor. I am sure you will be able to find a subject that fits you.

This well-known establishment acts as a one-stop destination servicing customers both local and from other parts of Delhi. Others, like me, think they know what they should do and then have a breakdown breakthrough and decide to go the other way.

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Projects and Theses