Policy memo on public policy

Note that the most important consideration in terms of writing style is professionalism, not creativity. Use of non-textual elements -- review all tables, charts, figures, graphs, or other non-textual elements and make sure they are labeled correctly.

If it is difficult to find information in your document, policy makers will not use it. However, it is very important that you use non-textual elements judiciously and only in relation to supplementing and clarifying arguments made in the text so as not to distract the reader from the main points of your memo.

Here again, your cost-benefit analysis can be essential to validating the practicality and feasibility to your recommendations.

economic policy memo

The tone of your writing should be formal but assertive. The template has been specifically designed for this purpose.

Policy memo on public policy

Conversely, use of complicated or unnecessary tables can confused readers and detract from the effectiveness of the memo. Thompson Writing Program, Writing Studio. Include the background information as well.

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New Zealand Policy Memo on Innovation