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There are two major dimensions that underline parenting behavior. The goal of every parent is to raise child to become a successful adult and there are good parenting style that can help. The child will come and go as he or she please, and most of the time the child will be spoiled. Application of both authoritative and attachment styles of parenting is regarded as the most effective parenting styles in the world today. Touch therapy This involves using overt gestures such as hugging, cuddling and kissing the child to instill security and confidence in them. Instead of dealing with novel stimuli in an approachable manner, it has been repeatedly proven that those with social dysfunction seem to retreat from their surroundings and become unhealthily submissive. Gurus in the field of parenting also view authoritative style of parenting as the most effective and advocate for its use alongside attachment parenting. Illustration by Joshua Seong, Verywell 1. The first dimension is responsiveness. Participating parents were mailed a questionnaire to determine what kind of parenting style they portrayed most. One can distinguish that a parent is a permissive parent because they themselves are not bold and out going towards their own life. Children need to learn through friendships and develop social skills. In spite of the research demonstrating authoritarian-raised children as being more successful in academics, there is research disregarding those findings which also offers validation that authoritative parenting does not stifle learning, but further facilitates childrens education. Results of these combined led to a distinct correlation between the tested variables and parent-child relationship and were consistent on all occasions. Parenting styles can be defined as a pattern of attitudes in how parents choose to express and communicate with their children.

It is a practice that ought to be inculcated from infancy. Review of potential negative outcomes and call for action.

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I would like to start this off with one of the most important factors I think that influence parenting, and that is having a child unplanned and not being ready for it versus planning for a child and being ready for it.

While child rearing is difficult, many also believe it is the most wonderful thing in their life also. Of course, children need discipline in their lives to prepare them for an independent future, but there is a line that can be crossed.

Journal of Child and Family Studies, 20 2 What parents need to understand is that in order to raise a child to become more successful on their own, they must allow them to think and act on their own as well.

According to Baumrindparents who belong to this style allow themselves to be used as mere resources instead of…. There are four generally recognized parenting styles and are categorized: authoritarian, permissive, neglectful, and authoritative.

The authoritarian parent is a parent that has high demands, is strict and cold in responsiveness.

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I believe that most parents use different styles throughout the raising of their children.

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