Opinion essay about alternative medicine

Alternative medicine opinions

The title of the presentation is complementary and alternative medicine: From Promise to Proof. Conventional Medicine July 25, Introduction It is important to understand the cause of the current crisis on the matter, factors that lead to diseases and good health, in addition to the steps that need to be taken by an individual so as to maintain good health. Are these unconventional treatments worth the medical fields recognition? As a pre-med student I am curious why these medicine alternatives are used as treatment methods. Society should be aware of the safety of taking herbs, therapies, and any health topics. Many drugs commonly used today are of herbal origin: one-quarter of the prescription drugs dispensed by community pharmacies in the United States contain at least one active ingredient derived from plant material "Fields of Practice". Development in modem medicine has not ensured a healthy lifestyle. The use of drugs and surgical procedures rarely help in such cases, and may adversely affect the other parts and organs. Alternative medicine is used in place of conventional medicine. However, conventional treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy leave patients weak, fatigued, and often depressed. This caused a lot of criticism with alternative medicine practitioners.

Complementary alternative medicine CAM is aimed to provide a multidisciplinary and educational health care experience. Twenty years ago, few physicians would have advised patients to take folic acid to prevent birth defects, vitamin E to promote a healthy heart, or vitamin C to bolster their immune systems.

Opinion essay about alternative medicine

A judicious mix of both can be a good way forward. The person affected, the environment or the circumstances under which the disease occurred is insignificant in this system. There is no perfect medical solution in our world. Thirty years ago, acupuncture and mind-body healing were considered taboo.

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I will express my moral opinion about both these health… Words - Pages 9 alternative medicin Essay I support nontraditional and alternative medical treatments and practices. Therefore, it focuses on cleansing the entire system rather than eliminating the immediate cause of concern.

complementary and alternative medicine benefits and risks
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Traditional vs Alternative Medicine Essay Example