Mattels toy recalls and supply chain management essay

Mattel should make sure its Chinese suppliers operate ethically, including treating their workers fairly. After the callback by Mattel.

Mattels chinese sourcing crisis of 2007

But the positive point was both the Governments of China and U. Annual Report. They have to be sure that their suppliers are legally protected and well inspected annually. Dormitories and canteens must be safe, sanitary and meet the basic needs of employees. The companies can get tax benefit and other government policy advantages by producing their products at overseas. One of the biggest advantages is cheap labor that cut down the cost of products. Lead was commonly used in paint. However, Mattel is prepared to end partnerships with those who do not comply. Two-third of the playthings were pulled from stock list before they reached retail clients. How to cite this page Choose cite format:. China should inquire companies to engage full clip review staff and let their clients to inspect their workss.

Interestingly everyone is aware of the damage these fire crackers unleash on environment and human health still people continue to celebrate the festival by burning fire crackers Two-third of the toys were pulled from inventory before they reached retail customers.

Dormitories and canteens must be safe, sanitary and meet the basic needs of employees.

Mattels toy recalls and supply chain management essay

The callback involved about 1. Repeated exposure can cause serious brain damage. Regular and overtime working hours must be documented, verifiable and accurately reflect all hours worked by employees.

What should Mattel make now? Workplace Safety — The facility must have programs in place to address health and safety issues that exist in the workplace. There would be lot of death if every children ingested small magnets and bind together at their intestine. Mattel should work hard for reconstructing good will and religion in its trade names.

Was Mattel acting correctly to publicly apologize and take responsibility for the design errors and lack of oversight?

unsafe for children mattels toy recalls and supply chain management case study

Whereas Mattel can make indiscriminately prove finished toys.

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Essay on Analysis of Mattel’s Toy Recalls and Risk Assessment