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What you get is a detailed historical journey about the evolution of strategy, the movers and shakers with specific companies in focus now you know how a Bain is different from a BCG and a McKinseythe key frameworks and models which pushed the boundaries along - how they became popular, fell from grace and came full circle to become the toast of town again.

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The need for advice is unnecessary. Det What a fascinating, revealing, and difficult text. This has strong overlap with the 'History of Strategy' and 'History of the New Corporate World' however it is not about the history and future of strategy.

This understanding will help to perpetuate the momentum of the next generation of great advisers by building on the understanding and experience of the past. While it is intriguing to find out how some of the top consulting firms of today were birthed, you can easily get lost in the variety of consulting ideology if you are simply someone who is just curious.

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There is nothing common nor basic about business. There are two other shortcomings worth noting: First, the complete disregard of more modern management frameworks, such as blue ocean strategy which provides an analytical framework that the author favors.

Kiechel's writing style is either bland and lifeless, or bizarrely metaphorical: "Old man corporate river, he just keeps rolling along.

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This book has value. Unde This is the ideal kind of book to read as a student if they would use it for a course on Strategy - to read gradually over a period of a term, to make notes from, to arrange the key points in your mind and prep for an exam - because only then will you retain stuff from it.

You can only generate something groundbreaking if you know and understand what was been done and been successful before you. Perhaps under a different title "the rise of the consultant" this is even a four star book.

This book can be viewed as a warning, an encouragement, or both to a prospective consultant.

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Business Book Review: Lords of Strategy