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Life cycle of luxury brands

This helps in creating increased competition in the market and also results in decreasing the product price. And people were so impressed by the taste that they would also purchase it for home so in turn their sales increased. Every invention ever made or thought of must have at some stage undergone a process of few or many stages before it was either implemented, scrapped or both. They had actors like Deepika Padukone endorse it therefore this also fulfilled their aim at targeting the younger generation as well. What more they even gave out these mugs as freebies with coffee bottles. A fad is a period of temporary of unusually high sales driven by customer eagerness and instant product popularity Kotler, , p. Places which are in close proximity to colleges, offices and malls will attract maximum number of customers. In , there were only , PCs in China. Introduction Stage — This stage of the cycle sees the manufacturer conceptualizing its products and submitting it to the market. Alteration of generations is defined as a life cycle in which there is both a multicellular diploid form, the sporophyte, and a multicellular haploid form, the gametophyte Hardy treats it as the natural order of things. Some brands or products may experience exponential growth in their life cycle. She appears to be boarding a train at a deserted train station with a mountainous background.

Kotler, P. Price reduction: Many customers are attracted by price cuts and discount tags. Fashion is an accepted or popular style that is currently accepted in a given field. Lastly, the period of decline when sales decrease and profits drop Kotler,p.

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You must be able to assess the the impact…. It is through these various stages we as people have developed the world and everyday items around us, so it was only a matter of time the late 60's before we refined and implemented these design structures to be used within the fledgling computer industry Sa Sa adopts different strategies to achieve its targets at different stages.

Packaging: New, attractive, useful or eco-friendly packaging influence the target customers.

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Heightening interest: Many of the following things attract many customers who match certain profiles: Eco-friendly production processes, good work conditions, funding the efforts of non-profit organizations cancer cure, anti-war efforts, refugees, GLTBI, environment and animal protection, etc.

Therefore providing superior taste at an affordable price will attract many.

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The Product Life Cycle of BMW Brands Essay Example