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Those models are based on calculus.

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Here's what he had to say about designing the banner: "The design came from both the "cocktail" part of the name and Jennifer's desire to have a sort of sophisticated, 40s-era, almost noir-ish tone and feel for the look of the blog.

What has been the highlight of your writing career up to this point?

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I started it when my first book came out, on the advice of my then-editor, and found I was a natural-born blogger. Q: How can math help me survive a zombie apocalypse?

Suddenly I was visiting laboratories, interviewing physicists about cutting-edge research and its impact on biology, and seeing their passion for their work firsthand.

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Those are just a couple of the unique challenges inherent in science writing. It's had a fantastic influence on my science writing, bringing out my unique "voice" and making me more comfortable with a looser, more colloquial and audience friendly style.

You almost never hear that song anymore, and it came on and it was in my head for two days.

Jennifer ouellette science writer

And something amazing happened: I belatedly fell in love with physics and became a science writer. My blog is called Cocktail Party Physics , and I started it back in , when my first popular science book was coming out Black Bodies and Quantum Cats. I have a morbid streak. I consider it a badge of honor. I might riff on the latest physics paper, or something making headlines, but usually I use the blog to explore some angle that doesn't usually get covered in straight news stories: little-known stories, some historical context, a more detailed explication of the research You can read the full backstory here. It was love at first sight, and six months later we were engaged. I believe my sister totaled it after I left and moved away. How did you get into science blogging and science writing? Where does the artwork for your banner come from, and what are you trying to convey with it?

Oh, and one other person introduced himself during my first month of blogging: physicist Sean Carroll, who blogs at Cosmic Variance.

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Introducing #SciAmBlogs bloggers: Jennifer Ouellette