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We found out we were completely wrong, and that the world is actually quite different from what we thought.

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As I was writing a paper for a literature class, I realized that the articles and books I was reading said what I was trying to say much better than I ever could. Fear of attachment: Rather than fearing separation, some people procrastinate in order to create a barrier between themselves and others.

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The procrastinator who fears success may also assume that if they work too hard, they will become mean and cold to the people around them, thus losing their capacity to be friendly and to have fun. If you are really determined not to procrastinate, then get help from the supportive people in your life.

It is not a list of what you should do in a given week; rather it is an outline of the time that you will necessarily spend doing other things besides writing.

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Ditto the computer lab. What does this have to do with procrastination? You can think of any kind of reward that you will set for completing your task — finishing your essay.

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Go back to these early posts and read what your readers wrote. Commit to a daily goal words. But you might wake up tomorrow and do one or two simple things that will help you finish that draft a little earlier or with less stress. Sit in a comfortable chair. Break 5. Assigning an exclusive space for the writing task primes you for what you need to do and helps you feel more relaxed. Tell someone about your writing goal and timeline, and ask them to help you determine whether or not your plan is realistic. For most procrastinators, however, there are no quick fixes. Your bonuses. July 26, 0 comment As a college or university student, you have to deal with so many things. It's a lot easier to carve a good essay out of a not-so-well-written rough draft than it is to carve a good essay out of a blank document.

Fear of success: Some procrastinators the author of this handout included fear that if they start working at their full capacity, they will turn into workaholics.

Read inspirational quotes Besides being an instant mood booster, inspirational quotes are a great root for an extraordinary story.

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If you think you are a hopeless procrastinator, take heart! Everything above is easier said than done, but if you absolutely, positively cannot bring yourself to work on the essay out of paralyzing fear of failure or having zero ability to muster any give-a-dang whatsoever, then it may be time to check in with a counselor and see if there may be some underlying anxiety or mood disorder or another mental health condition that's influencing your ability to be productive. Whatever section you can do, do it! You end up being distracted because they are tempting. Listen to music that fits your writing Music kicks our mood for practically everything — from dinner dates at home to workouts. Check out our tips on it. Take a break every hour to keep your concentration up and be more creative with your essay. Use with caution. By all means, if you're so tired that you can't keep your eyes open, go get some rest, and if you're so overworked that the room is spinning and your head is throbbing, please take a break, but you eventually have to get started, even if you don't feel as confident or as eloquent as that final essay needs to be. If this happens, you have several options: Turn off the screen. Sometimes procrastination stems from insecurity about what to say, or whether we have anything to say. Read a story Whatever you read — a newsletter, a short story, a fiction book, a manga series — will help you relax, believe it or not. For example, buying clothes that you have seen in a shop, going to a movie theater, or even getting some extra time to sleep in the morning.
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How to Force Yourself to Finish Your Essay if You Get Stuck