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Are You Ready to Be a Bruin? Plus, a foreign language requirement will provide another skill that looks great on a resume. Finally, you'll submit your work to a detailed evaluation by faculty members — a challenge that will help prepare you for graduate school and, ultimately, your thesis or dissertation defense. This was not a repudiation of the discipline, its job prospects or its utility. Whitefield supported the idea of forming a "Negro School," but it was never implemented due to lack of support. For a generation come of age in a networked world shaped by social movements and social media, perhaps an interest in camaraderie and social connection should not come as a surprise. You'll also submit a short reflection on the project in which you can offer alternative approaches or imagine how — given the appropriate time and resources — you might expand your research to cover more ground. The University arrived at its present location by twice moving west. His sermons were so impressive that, one year later, a "House of Public Worship" and "Charity School" were established at Fourth and Arch Streets for the religious education of young men. Asking students what they seek from a history degree can give us insight into what can be done to reverse the trends, and indicates, perhaps, that the claim that this is simple economics may not, in fact, be the right diagnosis. There are plenty of other on-campus dining selections like quick service dining and takeout. In other words, they sought direction and community. Augustine does offer a traditional and affordable undergraduate history program, it really shines for its public history degree. A history degree offers students clear, tangible benefits : writing skills, research skills, critical thinking skills, an ability to speak intelligently about the past — all of which are vital today. The history degree was not broken; it simply needed to be tweaked to meet students where they were.

Wellesley College Website At Wellesley, you'll be encouraged to shape your own course of study — within certain parameters. Thanks to its partnership with Columbia, this top small college for history majors gives students easy access to myriad additional classes and resources.

There, you'll select one of four specializations, like Arts in Context or Critical and Cultural Theory.

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If you want to get a head start on that work, Colorado supports summer research projects by sponsoring student assistantships, offering funding, and helping you apply for grants.

But what helps Pomona stand out is its commitment to funding innovative — and very specific — student research programs.

The case of Yale is particularly instructive. Other major accomplishments for faculty members include winning the Nobel Prize in economics, achieving global notoriety for achievements in mathematics and creating FDA approved medical treatments.

Of course, to be a best value, these top-ranked schools also have to demonstrate a genuine commitment to affordable education — which means meeting our net price requirements. Wesleyan University Website For an affordable undergraduate history program that provides excellent preparation for graduate school, give Wesleyan a look.

There are plenty of other on-campus dining selections like quick service dining and takeout.

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Francis Joliet, IL Website Liberal arts majors often face skeptical relatives who don't believe they'll find a job after graduation. Regard being held to the several Professions for which they are intended. From traditional residence halls to apartment like settings, living on campus at UCLA is very enjoyable. The School of Arts and Sciences remains the heart and the soul of the modern University. With themes as diverse as Urban History and Gender, Sexuality, and the Family, Barnard relies on Columbia to offer courses it simply can't support due to its smaller size. The latter program really helps Union stand out: the thematic concentrations offer undergrads a great way to finely focus their studies. As such, the school strongly encourages all undergrads to study abroad to gain valuable international experience. The more relevant trend may be that of college- and career-readiness that starts for young people from the time they enter kindergarten. Check out Hamilton. As a history major, you'll choose from one of more than 10 thematic concentrations to narrow your studies. Programs available through the UCLA Extension program include everything from architecture to health care to journalism and science. Hillsdale College Website A firm grounding in the liberal arts underpins every major at Hillsdale.

Note that you can easily pair either of these majors with a five-course minor in American Studies. You'll also complete a required internship, helping you make valuable connections in your field of interest.

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