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It fails to describe how the opposite is more effective by not providing readers with proof or actual questions asked to determine a conclusion proving hypothesis.

This essay will break down the various styles, its type s of discipline and effectiveness. There are four generally recognized parenting styles and are categorized: authoritarian, permissive, neglectful, and authoritative. Authoritarian Parenting emphasizes on control through strict discipline and obedience. Every parent has different opinions on how they believe they should parent and punish their children. The authors tend to favor their hypothesis. Authoritarian Vs. Each one of these styles have their advantages and disadvantages. They are open to explanation and understanding, although these expectations will not change. Parents who use this method have strict limits set and show little or no love. Thirdly, my social competent, being responsible, and being independent is as a result of being raised by firm, loving, and authoritative parents.

The authors tend to favor their hypothesis. It concludes the addition of fathers does not change the outcome of parenting styles because each culturally diverse aspect tends to have a different value system and faces different levels of challenges Fagan, Parenthood is a privilege but is also a great responsibility.

Parents use various techniques to raise their kids. In most cases, when kids defy the instructions from their parents, they are often shamed, punished, or insulted. There are many methods of parenting, but there are only three main parts.

authoritarian parenting essay

Authoritative is the style where the parents combine warmth and affection with firm limits on a child. It is concluded that the variables of maternal education and income play a major factor in choice or development of a parenting style.

Parents that develop a parenting style based on their environment show a level of control over their circumstances. Although the authors hypothesized that authoritative parenting provided the best behavioral outcome, it is stated the African American authoritarian style with the use of punitive punishment is not associated with negative behavioral problems. When we consider how our parents raise their children, do we say they know what it takes to properly prepare them for what they will face outside the home? Thus, socializing children to respect authority may be of greater importance than socializing them to value individual differences Fagan, After completion of questionnaires, the evidence is correlated based on the variables. There are four generally recognized parenting styles and are categorized: authoritarian, permissive, neglectful, and authoritative. The list goes on and on, yet one of the most underlooked topics of parenting to consider is decision making. Walsh Psychology Parenting style is one of many factors that strongly influence child development. When these two aspects of parenting are put together, they give rise to permissive parents, authoritative parents, and authoritarian parents. A strong foundation of social and emotional skills will help them make better choices in adulthood. These parents also try to keep the relationship open to the point where their children learn to make decisions and have good judgment on their own, in other words, prepare them for the real world. If a parent wants to take a loving and standard holding approach, he or she should choose the authoritative parenting style. Bob Keeshan states that parents are the ultimate role models for children.

However, what most parents do not always realize is that the style of parenting they are using may have a bigger impact on their child than they are aware of.

Again, in authoritarian style, parents tend to deny children a chance to enjoy most of the things that they love. Whenever there is a change, it is talked about as well. The authoritarian style of parenting involves showing little warmth to the children and highly controlling their behavior.

authoritarian parenting effects
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