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Discussing childbirth, the female body, and American medical culture, Davis-Floyd writes: Saraliza Anzaldua University of California, Los Angeles [T]he male body is metaphorized as a better machine than the female body.

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For months, we lived as man and wife. It does the opposite of embodiment because it reduces the body to a separate thing, it does not acknowledge the sentient nature of a person as their body. The latter is an acknowledgement that we are our bodies, and therefore our basic rights are implicitly grounded in it.

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Alphonse is another. Madame Frankenstein; or the Feminine Monstrosity. Those differences become noticeably visible during puberty and are exacerbated during pregnancy when the female body undergoes change in both form and function.

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A human body with two arms and two legs can be said to conform. Despite portraying the women as powerless beings, the author does challenge this notion. In the original text, Victor first refuses to save Justine by confessing his crimes and then refused to give her life by destroying the assembled body. Why is the female body conceptualized thusly by Western philosophical thought, and how can we transcend those limitations? Seymour, Miranda. Though in the original text, Victor never states where he acquired the female body for the creation of the second creature, Justine is often used as the source in subsequent narratives. Frankenstein is therefore a Gothic tale that features the dismemberment of the female body for the sake of male procreation amidst male anxieties. Therefore, many would think that these female characters are passive and dependant as they are often described as companions and nurturers. Niles, Steve. This is displayed where the women posses pure, submissive,gracious,nurturing and selfless qualities. Equating the female body with the maternal not only produces future workers, but it also creates an industry built around this imperative that caters to that body. Victor does not believe she is guilty, and neither will Elizabeth, despite any amount of evidence presented. Nature was also a source of motivation in their lives and played a major role in each of their actions. In society, women are unable to disentangle themselves from the female body as an instrumental object. Through a complex plot, Shelley creates dynamic characters who come to the realization that the dangers of searching for the unknown secrets of life can lead to ruined and tarnished relationships.

Her body is what matters, her subjectivity is nonexistent. On the Generation of Animals.

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