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Also, the sales group is not part of the business, there is no direct link between them and manufacturing. This is a discipline issue within the organization that needs to be eliminated; the customer must sign off on the tolerances before the order begins processing.

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It is not clear at the present time whether operations should emphasize cost, flexibility, delivery, or quality. The exact same gear is rarely ordered more than once.

For example, the drilling center which succeeds the milling center is located diagonally opposite of the milling center, and spans almost the entire factory floor—imagine carrying tons of materials across the entire factory just to continue the next step of the production process. Twenty percent of the orders have rush tags on them. It does not appear that the company has a strategy or plan for future growth. In terms of strategic decisions, the company is severely lacking in process, quality, capacity and inventory. They do not have a process that charges back the variance on these orders; they need to input a system where if the customer wants a design change, they have to pay for it. Eastern Gear has accepted a wide range of order sizes as shown in Exhibit 2. You will feel like you are learning from a highly skilled online tutor in person just like in classroom teaching. To prevent bottlenecks from occurring, a quality assurance employee should be hired, to ensure that all products are functional during each stage of its production before further processing of the order continues.

Production processing time has increased from two to four weeks, and there does not seem to be a production and inventory control system in place. Our expert team consists of passionate and professional assignment help tutors, having masters and PhD degrees from the best universities of the world, from different countries like Australia, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, UAE and many more who give the best quality and plagiarism free answers of the assignment help questions submitted by students, on sharp deadline.

In the text is stated that all orders are produced together.

The production order of the gears does not match the layout of the factory floor. What are the major problems being faced by Eastern Gear? Their order entry is inefficient; the tolerance on products is not firm. This needs to be corrected by putting a direct line of communication between sales and manufacturing. Therefore, it does not make sense to sustain smaller orders, when larger orders will certainly help the manufacturer maximize profits. Production processing time has increased from two to four weeks, and there does not seem to be a production and inventory control system in place. Its objectives are to negotiate prices with customers, customize products and deliver the finished goods to the customer in a timely fashion and satisfactory manner.

It is this specialization method that allows Eastern Gear to differentiate itself from other manufacturers and create product designs unique to the buyer. The expert team of certified online tutors in diverse fields at Cheap Assignment Help.

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However, there is a process that exists for an order to be made.

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