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While both U. Hmmm, sounds difficult, I know. When you build reactors, then you have to remove them after the end of their useful life and therefore, the provision for their removal is recognized at the time of their construction in the cost of a plant.

Under IFRSs, IAS 37 provides that the provision for a liability should be the best estimate of the expenditure that would be required to settle the obligation as of the balance sheet date.

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As written above, the standard IAS 16 requires recognizing initial estimate of decommissioning costs to the cost of an asset. How to recognize a decommissioning provision subsequently First of all, you need to unwind the discount each year. It should recognize the amount of change as an increase in the ARO liability and as an operating expense otherwise known as an accretion expense. Under IFRSs, as mentioned in the "Initial Measurement of an ARO" section above, paragraph IN5 of IAS 37 indicates that the "amount recognised as a provision should be the best estimate of the expenditure required to settle the present obligation at the end of the reporting period" emphasis added. Subsequent measurement of an ARO Period-to-period revisions to either the timing or amount of the original estimate of undiscounted cash flows are treated as separate layers of the obligation. Study the report and adjust it. As I explained above, when you build an asset that requires removal after the end of its useful life and restoration of the site, then a present obligation arises at the time of its construction. GAAP, when an ARO is initially recognized, ASC requires that an entity capitalize its asset retirement cost by increasing the long-lived asset's carrying value by the same amount. When a present value technique is used to estimate the liability, the discount rate will be a risk-free interest rate adjusted for the effect of the entity's credit standing. It means that you do NOT recognize a decommissioning provision in profit or loss, but in your assets as a part of an item of PPE. Did experts include any effect of technologies not yet available? Therefore, technical experts in your business should be able to do the job.

Therefore, I recommend splitting the creation of your provision into the individual years of constructing your asset. Therefore, you do NOT recognize any provision to rectify damages caused by operations at the time of constructing your asset.

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Did they count on any technical development? Special For You! Although it will often be "impossible or prohibitively expensive" to transfer or settle the liability as of the balance sheet date, estimating that amount provides the best indicator of the expense required to settle the obligation at such time.

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What do the rules say? In addition, IFRIC Interpretation 1 provides guidance on accounting for long-lived assets when changes in existing decommissioning, restoration, and similar liabilities occur.

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