David moore thesis sociology

If pay levels were the same, the firefighter might as well work as a grocery store cashier.

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With such opposing interests, the two groups were divided by differences of wealth and power. In sociology, even an issue such as NBA salaries can be seen from various points of view.

Symbolic interactionists examine stratification from a micro-level perspective.

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They also stated that the more skill required for a job, the fewer qualified people there would be to do that job. Social Stratification in the United States Search for: Theoretical Perspectives on Social Stratification Learning Objectives By the end of this section, you will be able to: Understand and apply functionalist, conflict theory, and interactionist perspectives on social stratification Basketball is one of the highest-paying professional sports.

Other work, like designing a highway system or delivering a baby, requires immense skill.

David moore thesis sociology

They believed that the rewards attached to a particular job reflect its importance to society.

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SparkNotes: Social Stratification and Inequality: Theories of Stratification, page 2