Communication facilities for disaster management

The outages affected people in 17 states, as far west as Michigan.

generating awareness on disaster management

A comprehensive overview can be found in 2. Data, television, image and some telephone transmissions are routinely received and re-broadcasted by these transponders of communication satellites.

For rescue missions in less densely populated or less developed or seriously destroyed countries satellite phones e.

role of communication media in disaster management

In order to strengthen communications, it has been decided that police network POLLEN will also be used for disaster management. Need for Alternative Communications System In most of the natural disasters the telecommunication network gets disrupted which increases the risk of disaster.

Now a days Satellite communication play a major role in disaster management communication.

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Adams, Eds. It has made operational a satellite based communication system called Cyclone Warning Dissemination System for direct dissemination of cyclone warnings to the cyclone prone coastal areas.

From the above case study, it can be seen that during any major disaster or emergency situation, the communication links are totally disrupted. Chaves, and M.

Means of communication during disaster management

Amateur radio, also known as Ham radio, does not refer to special kind of radio but to a special set of rules which apply to certain frequencies as defined by the International Telecommunications Union ITU and regulated in India by Wireless Planning and Coordination Wing, Ministry of Communications. FLOODS: Satellite data can be effectively used for mapping and monitoring the flood inundated areas, flood damage assessment, flood hazard zoning and post-flood survey of rivers configuration and protection works. We can manage them by using the various features of information technology and communication facilities. Voice can be used locally via repeater networks, or on lower frequencies, all over the world, depending on conditions. With an increase in the perception towards spreading a culture of prevention in the disaster management scenario, considerable emphasis is now being placed on research and development activities in the area of information technology for disaster preparedness and prevention. This design supports even scenarios with no network connectivity at all: it is possible to synchronize database nodes by exchanging flash memory cards. Mandal, G.
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Role of Communication Facilities in Disaster Management