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It was cold and goosebumps popped up all over my arms and legs. Avery says "bad children like you make the seasons change. Halloween became an organized affair after a children's prank on the Misses Barber's furniture in the cellar. That was what Boo was. Atticus says he's too old to fight. Chapter 13 p. Chapter 4 p. Jem was out of bed by then but said he was too old to go jumping in snow puddles with a girl, and also that his arm would hurt him if he did. Nah, says Scout. Atticus says yes, but it's improving. Maudie raises flowers - 'foot-washing' Baptists - say she's going to hell. No proof Tom is guilty or even that a rape occurred Everyone should be equal under the law.

Maybe we should give him some of the treats we got. Told by Atticus not to put on the play about the Radleys anymore.

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Miss Maudie ask Mrs. It wasn't good, but you could tell what it was.

I knocked but no one answered. Nah, says Scout. Well here's a short debreifing chapter on what happened in Scout's life shortly after that fatefull October night's events But, for just a moment, she imagines the world from his perspective. I hope he's happy by himself this evening," I added, blushing slightly at how Jem was looking at me from the corner of his eyes. What if boo had not even come in to our lives would all of this even had happened? We are glad you are home.

Chapter 9 p. Cal: we were just talking about scouts play.

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Dill Harris- telling many tales about his dad. After we ate Jem and I walked back to his room and while he layed on the bed I sat on the chair that Atticus sat in last night. Grimes Everett- missionary in foreign land- "Ladies" encouraging blacks to be Christian. Finally Atticus sat down with us and me and Jem began to reach for our forks. Tate said that he tripped on the root and stabbed himself. Scout tells her side and Uncle Jack is sorry. Scout: we were just playing around.

Bob Ewell testifies- re: Tom Robinson the accused. I hugged Jem Atticus: be careful of his arm okay scout?

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Atticus eventually caught on one time when Jem sat on his butt all morning whimpering and making Cal run around helter-skelter then asked Atticus if he would practice football with him.

Later Atticus puts Scout to bed, and a dozy Scout mutters that she heard every word of the story—about how they chased Stoner's Boy but they couldn't catch him because they'd never seen him, and when they found him he wasn't bad at all, but "real nice" It was cold and goosebumps popped up all over my arms and legs.

Tate came and that it was Bob Ewell who was after us and that Atticus thought that he was the one that stabbed Mr.

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Jem: hey Atticus how was your day?

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To Kill a Mockingbird Chapter 31 Summary