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Work out what information your audience will find useful and interesting, and cut everything else.

free corporate background music for your presentations

The good news? This method is best when you want to use a shorter music clip to introduce an idea or underscore a point, because the video will stop playing when you advance the slide. PureVolume The fine print: PureVolume is a website for the discovery and promotion of new music and emerging artists.

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Type your query in the YouTube search field that pops up. The file will open in separate browser tab and play until you close it. Wish you succes with your project! Music is that extra bit of polish that can help one presentation stand apart from another.

Add that magic touch you! Do you need a background music for your video? Stratosphere Free.

Free corporate background music for your presentations

Learn more about the YouTube Audio Library here. A business pitch made to people you barely know requires this permission. Download original licensed tracks by Adam Vitovsky for free! Updated July 10, , with a new workaround via YouTube. Export your video. That was a big shift away from the offline hegemonies that previously existed. Open a Google Slides presentation in your web browser and go the slide to which you want to add music. If you have the opportunity to improve a presentation with music, I hope the resources above are helpful. Select the arrow tool. Creative Commons The fine print: Many musicians choose to release their songs under Creative Commons licenses , which give you the legal right to do things like use their music in your projects. When you show this slide during your presentation, click the miniaturized video to play the music. Integrate a music link into your slide design with a photo or some clip art.

There are two ways to do this. There are tons of production music sites out there with super-reasonable prices and great service that can meet this need. Do things like button clicks, and transition sounds help or hinder a presentation?

This will save you the trouble of stopping your presentation to click the video's play button.

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