An analysis of the topic of the eastern and western societies in conflict

In addition to the studies exclusively devoted to this line of cultural analysis see, for example, Goldberg, ; Kim,there are other cultural analyses that take into account political, social, economic, and other factors as well see, for example, Hawthorn, ; Huntington, and ; Whitehead, Second, there is social pressure working against the objectification of the prejudices.

Causes of cultural conflict

Cultural messages, simply, are what everyone in a group knows that outsiders do not know. A quintessence of this approach is provided by Shaohua Hu Nevertheless, the interpreter's self-reflection is not the sole factor leading to the objectification of his prejudices. Depending upon whether a text and its interpreter belong to the same cultural tradition or not, the meaning of the text retrieved through a fusion of horizons could vary greatly. Instead of the high-ranking positions being exclusively for the aristocrats , they were easier for the poor to gain access to. Cultures are more than language, dress, and food customs. Here an important function of the cultural hegemony exercised by the elite is to defend this sphere against the invasion of "unofficial" popular discourse.

It is produced by objective conditions, such as material conditions unique to a class. In contrast, the popular masses normally do not have such powerful means to spread their own culture.

Of these other prejudices, some play a primary role and the rest play a secondary role in having the central prejudices function as prejudices.

An analysis of the topic of the eastern and western societies in conflict

This strengthened the feudal system because if there was a weak ruler, the strong government of the new nobles would support the people. However, this resonance is not the sole factor determining the social effectiveness of dominant ideologies. New York: Touchstone. The whole contents of the text cannot escape from such a misfortune when they are retrieved through the dialogical process. These facts are of crucial significance in Gadamer's theory. One of the major differences between the West and the Eastern Civilizations was feudalism and manorialism. Finally, I will discuss theoretical implications and limitations of the model. To date, research into these vital processes has been dominated by two theoretically distinct approaches. Consequently, there is a greater urgency for transforming the relationship between the actors involved. A Review of Gadamer's Hermeneutical Theory Gadamer analyzes problems involved in the interpretation of texts. When the cultural groups we belong to are a large majority in our community or nation, we are less likely to be aware of the content of the messages they send us. Mosse, George L.

Kremenyuk, ed. People in all countries, societies or cultures display features of individualism and collectivism in different ways and combinations. What needs to be unraveled here is the concrete process through which the fusion of horizons is effected.

Turner, eds. Am I an individual unit, autonomous, a free agent, ultimately responsible for myself?

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Such a misunderstanding should not be treated as an abortive understanding and its inevitability must be recognized. Such a mediator maintains close links with the disputants internality and has a personal interest in a successful outcome partiality.

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Inner-directed people tend to feel confident that they can affect change, believing that they are "the masters of their fate, the captains of their souls.

Nonverbal cues and signals are essential to comprehension of the message.

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Culture and Conflict