An analysis of the protective gear in the safety of hockey sport

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These content analysis studies highlight the capacity of social media to serve as a broadcast medium for sports concussion information and education Ahmed et al. Players performing primarily tackling and blocking are given cantilevered pads.

Concussion prevention equipment

Using accelerometers to monitor linear and rotational head acceleration, Guskiewicz and colleagues examined the biomechanics of legal and illegal plays in youth ice hockey players. With split clavicle pads, channel for top of shoulder must be in proper position. A randomized study involving 67 junior ice hockey players ages 16 to 21 showed that participants who viewed a concussion DVD or interactive computer module had greater increases in concussion knowledge than did controls based on the results of pre- and post-intervention knowledge tests Echlin et al. Shin guards are worn by cricketers to protect the shins from rapid contact by the hard cricket ball. Unintentional collisions such as the head-to-head and head-to-elbow contacts that are associated with more aggressive play are frequent mechanisms for concussion in this sport Boden et al. Several epidemiologic studies have assessed the differences in concussion incidence between users and nonusers of mouthguards as well as between users of custom-made and non-custom-made mouthguards. Sports eye protector: Class I — a molded single unit lens and frame, Class II — lens mounted in a separate frame, Class III — protector that contains no lens that is used alone or over eyeglasses. Are these essay examples edited? Collins and colleagues demonstrated that newer football helmet technology in high school athletes resulted in a 31 percent decrease in the relative risk of concussion compared to older helmet designs, suggesting that some aspects of helmet design can help mitigate concussion. On the other hand, if the 25 percent acceleration reduction is along the steep portion of the risk curve, the corresponding reduction in concussion risk may actually be much greater than 25 percent. Walsh and colleagues also reported that linear and rotational acceleration were only moderately correlated especially in non-centroidal impacts. Epidemiologic evidence Epidemiological evidence that helmets mitigate concussion primarily comes from the bicycle helmet literature. F Should not shift when manual pressure is applied. Daneshvar and colleagues noted that the momentum transfer and impact associated with collisions increases as the speed of athletes increases. As discussed in Chapter 1 , most states have since followed suit, which has resulted in a proliferation of laws addressing concussions in youth sports across the United States.

Non-resilient materials can be used when one time or occasional impact is expected. When these researchers mimicked head-to-head contact using two ATD headforms, because the head form is not deformable the headgear provided an overall 33 percent reduction in both linear acceleration and a metric that included both linear and rotational acceleration.

Importance of safety equipment in sports

In order to extend the rating systems like the STAR system to younger populations, the following pediatricspecific data would need to be collected: 1 the number of head impacts and the distribution of impact location per season, 2 the distribution of impact severity by impact location, and 3 an injury risk curve for concussion. Artificial turfs e. Let us know! Because the surface on which an athlete plays affects his or her speed, it may also influence the incidence of concussions. Cricket wicket keepers often wear helmets to protect their eyes from injury as a result of being hit by the cricket ball. As a result, the rotational kinematic measures provided by the HIT system have less accuracy than its linear measures do Allison et al. For example, a student who has difficulty concentrating after a concussion may need to be given more time to take tests or to complete assignments. In a Canadian survey of medical schools, only 4 of the 14 schools that responded to the survey out of a total of 17 medical schools indicated that concussion education is included in the curriculum for medical students Burke et al.

The materials provide a starting point for concussion education for school personnel CDC, b ; Sady et al. Full-face shields cover the entire face, and half-face shields or visors cover the upper half of the face.

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Risk Compensation One unintended consequence of wearing helmets and other protective devices is that the athlete may be emboldened by the increased protection to take additional risks, thus mitigating any benefits of the protective device.

None of the risk curves in the literature comprehensively account for parameters such as impact direction, previous concussion history, or other biological or physiological parameters, all of which likely influence the quantitative relationship.

E Face mask should not move with external force. Requirements of State Concussion Laws 10 A committee review of state concussion laws, including review of the text from the laws as well as previously published analyses of these laws, shows that most states require 1 education or training of athletes, coaches, and parents about the nature and risk of concussions in sports, with parents signing a form acknowledging receipt of the information; 2 removal from play of any youth athlete suspected of having sustained a concussion; and 3 clearance for return to play by a licensed health care professional.

They are lightweight and less restricting. And nope, we don't source our examples from our editing service! Using accelerometers to monitor linear and rotational head acceleration, Guskiewicz and colleagues examined the biomechanics of legal and illegal plays in youth ice hockey players.

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