An analysis of the aftermath of the french and indian war

seven years war

He was furious when he found out that several hundred men had been lost in an unauthorized, pre-emptive attack on Duquesne. In May Anglo-Indian tensions created by Amherst's highhandedness erupted into a widespread and devastating frontier war known, after the American Ottawa chief, as Pontiac's War.

He also had difficulty keeping men in the service once recruited or drafted; they deserted in large numbers.

The only clashes of any size were at Petitcodiac in and at Bloody Creek near Annapolis Royal inother than the campaigns to expel the Acadians ranging around the Bay of Fundyon the Petitcodiac and St.

french indian war

Dinwiddie and Washington knew that the Indians at Logstown knew their locations and the best routes to them, and this is the primary reason why Washington was sent to Logstown. Leading an advance group, Washington reached the smoking remains of the fort on November 24, The colonists felt differently.

french and indian war summary

Supporting to the war was unpopular among the people in the countryside.

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Washington and the French & Indian War