A summary of the study of gold

At the same time that Lupe's family left Mexico, Juan and his family had been forced to move from their mountain village when their crops and houses were burned and their livestock was stolen. Lupe's family is very much opposed to drinking, gambling, and behavior they feel is unbecoming of a family man.

rain of gold characters analysis

This increases the speed of their progress, but they cannot control it and therefore cannot stop to find food. When the barge stops in a small trading village, the captain goes ashore to conduct business. When Prospector returns he searches for Georgia again but is taken by Jim. Larsen is the chosen one to go out, and during his search, eh finds the gold deposit.

Lupe's father had gone to the lowlands to find work, and it is becoming more and more dangerous for the family in the lonely, almost deserted village. He also remembers Prospector so goes to look for him, hoping that he could tell him where the cabin is located Prospector has moved to the town where he falls in love with Georgia.

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Rain of Gold Summary & Study Guide