A plot summary and review of away by michael gow

This changes Meg for the better, it gives her an insight into what her mum and dad faced. This was so touching, even while meant to be funny in terms of the play, I think — for it plays with the multiple layers of truth and of mild dissembling that are meant as acts of love.

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Their son was killed in the Vietnam War and Coral is still grieving for him. Or is Away a combination of these genres? The blurb on the advertising also made it seem this would be much more about social class than it ended up being —although, clearly that was also a major theme — which is interesting, as Australia has this image of itself as the great egalitarian society something much more true when this play was set than even today and so that these issues even get an airing is worth considering.

Although he sometimes struggles with his wife he still cares about her and her feelings. The son of some recently arrived migrants from England is in remission from blood cancer — so is living under a death sentence even though he looks fine.

Update this section! The near constant stressing about everything, and wanting the very best for her daughter is very familiar. I think that if Vic had never had a talk with her she would still be her old self so I think that Jim was lucky Vic talked to her.

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However the specific time and place do not make it any less relevant to me. Away by Michael Gow is set in suburban Australia in the summer of I could still relate to and understand what was happening in the play, even though it is set in a time before I was born. Tom is very sick and cannot survive. Roy and Coral lost a son in the Vietnam was and Coral is still grieving for him. Every day Harry keeps the burden of his son dying and the secret of this away from his son. He is a very well-spoken man who seems to be quite successful. Why is this choice appropriate?

Not exactly. As long as the audience can connect and empathise with a character or understand a theme in the play then it will be relevant to them.

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Away by Michael Gow