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Brown becomes what she calls a "trash-can junkie", indulging in as many drugs as she could find. Her next foster father traded her LSD and cocaine for oral sex. Almost 16, having barely survived a shooting, she decided to quit gangbanging. If you want long, obtrusive, flowery metaphors, then this book is not for you--because that's not what this book's about.

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The court system had to turn both her and her brother over to her biological father whom she never met, instead of giving her to the man she was raised by. Her next foster father, under the guise of "cheerleading practice", traded her LSD and cocaine for oral sex. Eventually, he faints. She may write simple sentences, but she does write them correctly. Since her biological father only acquired custody because he wanted to receive social security cheques, she and her brother were placed in an abusive stranger's foster home, along with several other children. One thing this memoir does well is show you how and why a fractured and abusive childhood can lead to a life of crime and substance abuse. Within days of arriving, Brown is raped by her foster mother's nephew, Pete. The book describes her descent into teenage prostitution and drug addiction. Little Bird and Mouse retrace his steps and figure out a way to get the items they need to bake a new cake. It makes it make sense. During their flight over the Libyan desert, they face troubles and before crashing, the narrator manages to get out of the plane.

Chances are, she never took an elective creative writing course, so what do you expect? Zeebra Books Cupcake Brown that's her real name was 11 in when her mother died.

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It is celebrated with a resolution to get rid of bad habits and start a new one when the clock strikes 12am. Brown provides a frank account of how Pete thrusts a glass of rum and coke into her hand, tells her to drink it and how 'everything happened so fast' afterwards.

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If we want to model respect for animals and the planet, this seems like an odd choice, especially since bees are increasingly endangered. How did she make the leap from applying this thought to material items and food to less concrete realities like love and acceptance? Questions and Topics for Discussion 1. She then decides that she hates God. A part I really related to was the "Marcia Brady" past. Drugs were her new best friends. Although she maintained several steady jobs, she would always have to quit before they fired her for never showing up or being late because she was too messed up. Conclusion drawn from critical analysis of the overall investigation 4 2. Stay up to date on new reviews.

Kids can look at various objects and figure out the uses they might be put to. A Before I started reading this book, I read several reviews of it. Her father then sent her to a foster home where she was raped and beaten constantly.

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A Piece of Cake Book Review