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Learn how and when to remove this template message Pro-choice advocates argue that illegalization of abortion increases the incidence of unsafe abortionsas the availability of professional abortion services decreases, and leads to increased maternal mortality.

What is abortion

This might suggests that if a page should see a rise in activity after the first years, it is either because the topic suddenly becomes contested or due to new events which are then included. In essence; we are seeing how the medium, here Wikipedia, structures how to talk about something controversial. While we know from reading the content of the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution of Ireland that it forbids the use of abortion, and that the 36th Amendment opens up for the possibility to circumvent the Eighth Amendment if need be. However, they are generally done unsafely, both because the need for secrecy tends to be more important than the woman's safety, and due to the lack of training and experience the doctor performing the abortion. Nearly all pages in the category of abortion debate, and its subcategories would link to the article on abortion. CorTexT is an interesting tool since it lets us run our digital spreadsheets through an algorithm, that makes a semantic analysis of the contents of those spreadsheets. Revision history of the Wikipedia page concerning the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution of Ireland. It has been a ride; an intense, exciting, and sometimes grueling learning experience.

Single issues like the polls on the Eighth and the 36th amendment can generate a lot of revisions, and therefore generate spikes. Because of this, we want to understand the timeline of events in a higher degree.

Why abortion should be legal

The Catholic Church believes that human life begins at conception as does the right to life; thus, abortion is considered immoral. A reflection on another controversial issue, that is present because of the geographical nature of the articles. Warren concludes that as the fetus satisfies only one criterion, consciousness and this only after it becomes susceptible to pain , [62] the fetus is not a person and abortion is therefore morally permissible. Abortion laws are categorized according to provisions in national statues, legal regulations, and court decisions. The spikes in the second graph also indicates a change of some sort, that needs integration into the Wikipedia pages, like the previous timelines. On this approach, a being essentially has a right to life if it has a natural capacity to develop the relevant psychological features; and, since human beings do have this natural capacity, they essentially have a right to life beginning at conception or whenever they come into existence. The evidence for the core of the disagreement seems hidden in the talk pages, and in the lines of reverting articles and adding view points on pages. Maybe a reflection on how well the modularity tool produced a cluster where the contents of it form a community — here it clearly lumped different communities together. Then there is the large cluster in the middle, surrounding articles such as Abortion Debate, Anti-Abortion Violence , and United States Anti-Abortion Movement showing a large number of users editing on many different pages in a large cluster. For our use it is sufficient to say, that these users are nearly all related to a large number of very controversial pages — in some way. Canadian Cluster: Composite of graphs from the Canadian cluster. These are pages with a large number of Wikipedians, who only edit on these specific articles in the network. Perhaps this tells us something about the way Wikipedia is structured for debate — that the handling of controversies between users is hidden away somewhere other than the articles, an information source that the medium would rather keep clear of the messiness of debating people on the internet?

Venturini et. Roe looked doomed. Our finding perhaps shows us more about how Wikipedia and the Anglo-American world functions when it tries to settle controversial topics in society.

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Based on user revision history data since from Wikipedia. The new thing we can learn from this chart is the massive drop in anonymous users we see after only two months of increasing action. It could also point to a dedicated core of users that revise and edit new information.

Arguments against abortion

On the first graph we see an increase in anonymous and non-anonymous use of revisions in the same period as the Amendments timeline spikes above. The visualization above shows a group made up of humans, with a mostly Irish scope on their actions within Wikipedia. This arrangement works as a sort of filter for the articles. But this of course does not show us, how the users are engaging in the controversial discussions. They can be anonymous or regulars, even bots. Map of the category of Abortion debate on Wikipedia, and its subcategories with a depth of two. CorTexT is an interesting tool since it lets us run our digital spreadsheets through an algorithm, that makes a semantic analysis of the contents of those spreadsheets. Irish Cluster: Composite of graphs from the Irish cluster.

A reflection on another controversial issue, that is present because of the geographical nature of the articles.

This article addresses the highly controversial topic of abortion from a constitutional angle. Might this be a sign of how this controversial topic is handled through the legal system and its way of deciding on matters?

Pros and cons of abortion

Notice that the networks below are rotated versions of the one above. A visualization showing the degree of the graphs in two way — in degree and out degree. In a letter to the British Medical Journal , [56] she noted that the majority of surgical abortions in Britain were performed under general anesthesia which affects the fetus, and considers the discussion "to be unhelpful to women and to the scientific debate. When the issue of abortion is activated during a presidential campaign — like it was in and — it results in big wins for Democrats. Irish Cluster: Composite of graphs from the Irish cluster. Data visualization of user data from the Irish cluster. Here a discussion on the representation of the relationship between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland is done in the articles. According to a global study collaboratively conducted by the World Health Organization and the Guttmacher Institute , most unsafe abortions occur where abortion is illegal. According to this argument, if it is not known for certain whether something such as the fetus has a right to life, then it is reckless, and morally wrong, to treat that thing as if it lacks a right to life for example by killing it.

They argue that if a baby was born into an environment in which there was no replacement available for her mother's breast milk, and the baby would either breastfeed or starve, the mother would have to allow the baby to breastfeed.

Maps showing different keywords from the abortion debate category, mapped out on the abortion category of Wikipedia.

abortion debate
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The World's Abortion Laws