A history of humanists in the renaissance era

It also involved a serious rethink about the exercising of power, under what conditions, how to define National interest.

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On the contrary, he alone shows the most enjoyable life of all and the one most full of true pleasure. These were secular rather than spiritual leaders, exhibiting much more interest in literature, art, and philosophy than in sacraments and theology.

A history of humanists in the renaissance era

Careers needing skills of reading and writing were soon dominated by Humanists. The term derived from a program of studies called the "studia humanitatis," but the idea of calling this "Humanism" really arose in the 19th century.

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Thus, it is customary to refer to scholars in these fields as humanists and to their activities as humanistic. Voyagers launched expeditions to travel the entire globe.

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Each half needed the other: You had to understand the texts to take part in the fashion, and doing so drew you back to Greece and Rome. His actions allowed Humanism to spread more effectively in the late 14th century. The wellspring of humanitas was Classical literature. This was most likely due to the ongoing presence of a commercial revolution in the Italian city-states of the era. The goal of such fulfilled and balanced virtue was political, in the broadest sense of the word. Humanitas called for a fine balance of action and contemplation, a balance born not of compromise but of complementarity. Under Martin Luther, the Reformation challenged many Catholic theologies, and this pushed the council of Trent to form a counter-reformation. To understand Humanism, it must be contrasted with the piety and scholasticism of the Middle Ages, against which Humanism was regarded as a free and open breath of fresh air.

Petrarch is recognized for his devotion to the Roman and Greek scrolls and thus referred to as the father of humanism.

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What Was Renaissance Humanism?