2 1 explain the benefits of actively promoting positive aspects of behaviour

benefits of positive behaviour

I will then look to explain how the application of boundaries and rules for behaviour complies with the policies and procedures of the setting. Setting clear boundaries and explaining them to the children also gives them a better understanding of what you expect.

Essay Topic: ChildhoodBehaviour Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! Praising a child for the positive behaviour is sometimes all that is needed to show that we have noticed and will reinforce their behaviour so it is important to do this frequently.

ways to promote positive behaviour

Firstly it is important to act within the boundaries of my role within the school when dealing with bad behaviour, and I must also remember if I am unsure about what these boundaries are I should seek support from a fellow member of staff who does know the correct guidelines and boundaries. Firstly starting with the fact that positive behaviour does highlight to other children what type of behaviour they should be displaying which is extremely important to see in the classroom and outside during break and lunchtimes in their own time, this could also lead to teachers trusting the pupils with important jobs like delivering messages to other classes etc.

benefits of rewarding childrens positive behaviour

Even a smile is enough in some cases. Their logic tells them that in repeating the unwanted behaviour they will get more attention.

If we deal aggressively with them they will respond in an aggressive way also.

Promoting positive behaviour

Exercising duty of care is a legal requirement and would be tested in court in the event of negligence or malpractice. Cite This Document , It is important for other people to have positive relationships with children because the child needs to gain trust with others too. Essay Topic: Behaviour , Benefit Explain the benefits of actively promoting positive aspects of behaviour. Also should a child get house points for good work or good behaviour or even win pupil of the week off the class teacher which is what we have brought into Rosebery in recently weeks which has only giving our pupils something to aim for especially when they all see certificates up in the foyer when they come into school every morning, then the success will only spur them on to continue with their good behaviour as they can see the rewards that will come with good behaviour and continue to receive awards and rewards for good reason. Positive behaviour is about learning self-control and consideration for the needs of others. By kambassi Jan 27, Words Cite Explain the benefits of actively promoting positive aspects of behaviour.
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Benefits of Actively Promoting Positive Aspects of Behaviour. Term Paper